Background of CIFT


Prof. Akwasi Ampofo Twumasi

Professor Akwasi Ampofo Twumasi holds a combined PhD in Finance and Administration from the London Institute of Technology and Research, an affiliate institution of Stamford University. He possesses double master’s degree in finance from the University of Lincoln in the UK and Stamford University in 1997 and 1998 respectfully. His professorship is in Tax and Accounting and holds certificate in academic leadership from University of Coventry – UK.

Professionally, he qualified as a Chartered member of the British Chartered Institute of Management and the Institute of Financial Consultants in Canada. He is the founder of Chartered Institute of Certified Tax Accountants (CICTA) – Ghana and founding member of the Institute of Certified International Tax Accountants (CITA) – UK where he currently serves as the Africa Regional Director of the Institute.

Before his ascension to academia, he successfully combined working and studying at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), now (GRA) where he started his life career as a District accountant in 1990 and rose through the ranks to the position of Chief Tax Officer. In view of his interest in lecturing, he left to GIMPA in 2009 as a senior lecturer after having served briefly as a head of Accounting and Finance Department and the Dean of Regent University. He later became the Dean of Ghana Telecom University College in the business faculty.

He is a bilingual, specifically, English and French and has the following publications in English and French to his credit; Auditing Handbook, published in 2009; Accounting notes, Questions and Answers published in 2010; Practical Accountancy and Taxation, Financial Management text, Financial Analysis Text and Financial Reporting text. These books were accredited and recommended study materials for the Chartered Institute of Certified Tax Accountants (CICTA) – Ghana and the Certified International Tax Accountants (CITA) – UK Examinations.

Due to his depth of knowledge in finance, he established the Certified Institute of Forex Traders (CIFT) in 2018 to train professional Forex Traders with the sole objective of enhancing graduate employment in the financial sector.

The Certified Institute of Forex Traders is a widely accepted Certified Institution for Professional training in Forex Trading in Ghana, with credible recognition and affiliations world-wide.

CIFT is registered under the laws of the Republic of Ghana in accordance with Section 27 and 28 of the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) and entitled to function as per the objects of the institution.


To establish a financial architecture through a research based Forex Trading Institution for clinical gains.


To apply stochastic finance theory and concepts as a framework and a platform for currency security analysis and build a toolbox that professional currency traders can use as they battle in the trenches for profit.

The Forex Landscape - The Scope

Forex Trading is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling the other. A broker serves as the middle man or dealer in currency trading. The foreign Exchange market (FOREX) is a mega decentralised global market where all the world’s currencies are traded. The forex market is the largest most liquid market in the world with an average daily trading volume of over $3 trillion (Three trillion U. S. Dollars). The Forex market capitalization far exceeds $20 trillion making all the world’s combined futures and stock market comparatively fractional.

The market operates on a 24-hour basis through electronic network of banks, corporations and individuals and in view of the enormity and the wealth of the market, lots of employment are created, both formal and informal.

Empirical studies have proven that investors with analytical background with a high degree of intellect are more successful, hence the need to embrace applicants of such background into this wealthy market.


The Certified Institute of Forex Traders has undertaken an in-depth research into this phenomenal world market within the parameters of risk and return and are rolling out the following training scheme to enable individuals qualify as certified professional forex traders leading to self–employment or job offer by the institution. Further details could be sourced at the Registration portal.

Registration Process

First degree, Diploma or professional qualification in any of the following disciplines;

Business management, statistics, quantitative, economics, actuarial science, econometrics, accounting, Mathematics, commerce, finance, Psychology, computer science or quantitative qualifications, ICA etc.

  1. Training sessions: Evening, Day, Weekend (Online & One-on-one)
  2. Application procedure:

Fill registration form via this link

Qualified applicants must email CV and photocopy of certificates to – or delivery by hand to:
Office Location: Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB Square), next to Goil – basket, Spintex Rd. Accra.

Tel: (+233) 559554576 / 0302818409

NB: Direct applications only, middlemen and employment agencies are not allowed.

The Certified Professional Institute As Professional Forex Traders


Being part of the CIFT Project is one of the best investments i have ever made. I can now confidently tout myself as a successful Forex trader. I encourage you to join us now.

Eric Mensah Junn

I am very grateful for the opportunity to join CIFT. They are well equipped with the skills to transform anybody who wants to make fortunes from the Forex market.

Louisa Denis

While searching vigorously for experts in investment advisory, i found CIFT. The advice they gave me opened my eyes to new opportunities, and it actually turned my fortunes around.

Livingston Musah

When i heard about CIFT, i was a bit skeptical. However, i decided to give it a try and they have been true to their words. The whole experience is great and very inspiring.

Selina Magika
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